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For Runners that finished the Great Train Race Mile or Caboose Run on May 6, 2018 and were not previously registered for the Trains, Planes and Automobiles Series, you can use the Add-On process to join the series and register for the last two races.

Either use the paper form to mail in or register at the Spotsylvania YMCA or the on-line link below.

Series Overview

Runners, 2018 is your year to stay moving. This year a partnership has been created between the Ron Rosner Family YMCA, the Great Train Race and Fredericksburg Area Running.

Three races are in the series

- May 6 Great Train Race

- June 2 Cleared for Takeoff

- July 8 Runners: Start your Engines

You will be registered for the three races and receive a discounted entry fee when registering for the series. Runners finishing all three mile races will get a special Series Medal and are eligible for Series Awards.

There is even a option for children 5 and under to run 1/4 miles at each event.

Go to each individual race page to get race details. Only series information is listed here.

Add-On Entry Fees - Mile Runners

Until May 18, 2018 - $26, Family of 3 or more $22 each

May 19 to June 2, 2018 - $30, Family of 3 or more $24 each

Add-On Entry Fees - 1/4 Mile Runners

Until May 18, 2018 - $18

May 19 to June 2, 2018 - $22


Special Trains, Planes & Automobiles Series Medal after finishing the third race.

Add On Registration

If you register for the Runners: Start Your Engine Race and have completed the Great Train Race and Cleared for Takeoff Race, you will automatically be added to the series for awards.

For Ages

Mile - 18 and under

1/4 Mile - 5 and under

Registered Runners

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